THE ACTIVATOR COACH (6 One Hour Phone, Skype or Instant message sessions)

Is this you…

  • You are ready to get your website, blog and/or social media networks working in a way that will widen your audience, increase your visibility and create a buzz around your projects.

  • You have a solo show. You want to start getting it booked but you don’t know where to start.

  • Your brand, your business plan and building your audience has become just as important as creating your projects. You are gonna make this happen!

  • You want to start a creative business and the time is now! It's time to start investing in your creative ideas and YOU. You are pumped and ready to take action.

  • You are a professional and you know how to deliver. You just don’t know what to do next.

Hooray! I hope you are ready for a partner, because that’s what you are getting with this package.

I’m going to help you break down your Personalized Action Plan and get serious about achieving your goals. Each time that we speak we will be ticking actions steps that you have accomplished off of your list.

I am going to hold you responsible for identifying your BRAND, which will inform the actions you will take to create your marketing strategy. Your brand is basically how your audience perceives you. Don’t worry we will break this down and figure this out.

I will guide you in how to develop your amazing DREAM SCHEME, which is your very creative business plan. I will share with you the two elements that you must have to balance your plan.  Your Dream Scheme is not only your ideas and dreams. It is also a bunch of little action steps that you must continue to take everyday and every week. I will be there to support you in making these moves toward your dream.

 I will personally look at your website, blog and or social network sites and give you tips and tweaks that will help you BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE.  Your audience is not just how many likes you have on facebook. They are the real individuals that you connect with as an artist. They get what you do and they love it. They are the ones who will buy a ticket to your shows and love your work. They will get your book or buy your painting because they believe in you.

Branding, Dream Scheming and Building Your Audience is what I call The Foundation. Everything you need to thrive, as an artist will branch out from one of these three pillars of your creative business.


  • Six 1 hour Private phone, skype or instant message sessions *

  • Email follow ups between each session.

  • Personalized detailed Action Plan based on your creative strengths, your mission as an artist and your personal needs.

  • Super detailed support in building The Foundation of your creative business, which includes your Brand, Dream Scheme and Building Your Audience.

  • Responsibility check-ins to keep you on track with taking continuous action.

  • One 20 minute “I’m stuck” phone, skype or instant message session*

  • Unlimited inspiration and motivation

*Private phone, skype or instant message sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of purchasing this package.  

If  you would prefer to do coaching sessions through email only please use the FREE ACTIVATOR EMAIL service to ask for more details about how The Activator Coach through email only works.

 IMPORTANT-Please only choose this package if you are ready to give 100%. Really think about it first, because I will have high expectations in terms of your commitment to take actions. I will truly see this as a partnership and I’m not in this to hear about “why you couldn’t” or “what had happen was”… The bottom line is that when you are ready to make a real leap in your life, very few things are able to get in your way. Be ready. Let’s Get To Work!