THE ACTIVATOR HELP LINE ( 1HR phone, skype or instant message session) 

Is this you...

  • You are ready to start working creatively and developing your own material.

  • You just got offered a major gig/job performing and you have never written or negotiated a contract. You can’t really afford a lawyer at the moment. You need to talk to someone who has experienced negotiating and writing contracts for performance.

  • You are ready to take your solo show to the next level.

  • You have a great idea for your creative business or project.

  • Procrastination has kept you from moving forward for long enough. You are ready to get it started.

  • You received my FREE ACTIVATOR EMAIL and PHONE CALL. Now let’s do this!

Quite often all we need is a little support and direction to get things really moving in our creative adventures. With this package I am going pin point what you really want, get you focused so you don’t feel overwhelmed, give you an action plan and motivate you to keep moving.  After our conversation you will receive clear action steps to start making it happen for yourself and procrastination will be kicked to the curb.


  • 1 hour private phone, skype or instant message session*.

  • follow up emails (2 and 3 weeks after private session). These emails will be very detailed and motivators to keep you on track.

  • Personalized detailed Action Plan based on your creative strengths and your mission as an artist.

  • Your personalized Action Plan will introduce you to The Foundation, which is my customized set of business skills that every artist should practice in order to have a thriving career.

  • Unlimited Inspiration and Motivation.

*Phone, skype or instant message session must be scheduled with in 6 weeks of purchase