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Next Juggle Jam is July 11, with Artists of Venardo Circus!! *This will be a press event. Photos will be taken. Secure your fun!

juggle jam tacoma!


Fun for everyone! Juggle Jam is a 101 circus skills workshop. Using juggling balls, scarves, clubs, ropes, hula hoops and rings. Former Cirque du Soleil Artist and Native of Tacoma,  Michelle Matlock will lead the group in a traditional "Circle up" which is a series of playful circus skill building games. Followed by a music filled break out "jam" where participants will have the opportunity to explore each skill in rotation. All skill levels welcome. Bring your family, bring your friends and bring your fun.

This special Juggle Jam is free but you still need to register for the event using the booking system below and if you can donate a few dollars to go toward the cost of renting the space that would be awesome.


Use the booking system below register and pay for workshops. Use the drop down menu to select a workshop. To book the Summer Circus Day Camp click the picture for access to that booking system.


Solo Performance workshop

This workshop is for anyone who stands alone and wants to or has to tell a story, present an idea or convey a message.

Your audience might be in a theater, a class room or a conference room.

You might be presenting to patrons, students or employees.

You can also be an actor, dancer, circus artist, musician, storyteller or anyone that wants to do something different.

You are a Solo Performer!

The only requirement is that you have an IDEA. It can be a prop, a movement, a lesson plan, a speech, a poem, a word, a thought etc.

Michelle Matlock will lead the group through a creative process that she has used to develop her solo work for the past 20 years.

This process includes games and exercises that inspire character building, storytelling, stage presence, content creation, embracing mistakes, audience awareness, and of course just getting on your feet and starting.

It all starts with what motivates you!

Presenting and creating original work is a journey that requires a safe and open space with constructive feedback. This workshop is exactly that and much more.

Michelle will lead 1 three hour workshop per week for 9 weeks. During the 10th week each participant will present up to 10 minutes of new material at a Work In Progress Showcase free invite only (family and friends) at Black Box Theater (Pantages).

Each participant will get a digital video of their own performance, speech or presentation.

8 students required. 10 max.

The time is now!

Choose Solo Performance Workshop in the drop down menu above and click BOOK on May 28th. You will have the option to register for the full 9 weeks or just Drop in after you click BOOK. If you want to Drop In whenever you like, you must attend the first workshop on May 28th. If you are unable to make the first class but still want to drop in email info@circleup.fun to make arrangements. Easy.

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performance play zone

This workshop will be a high energy playful exploration into various ways to perform using theater games for acting, clowning, solo and ensemble work. Great for beginners, playful fun makers and actors who want to get back in the game. You will leave feeling like a more well-rounded performer. Have something you are working on and want feedback? Audition monologues, partner scenes, songs, ideas or acts? Bring it to the workshop and we will put “show and tell” time aside for your work. It’s like a performance workout and everybody is welcome! 

Register for Performance Play Zone in the above booking menu.