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I think all of the work – my theatrical work and my circus work – informed the creation of this role to bring the ladybug to life,” says Matlock. “I think it’s unique in that way. I can look back and really say all the things that I did culminated in working for this company and creating this role.
— Michelle Matlock interviewed for Lee Bailey's
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Cirque Du Soleil selected Michelle Matlock to create the role of “Ladybug” for it’s 25th creation in their 25th year of producing extraordinary Circus shows. Michelle joined the creation in November of 2008 and OVO premiered in Montreal, Canada in April of 2009. She has travelled with the show, playing Canada the United States, Mexico and Australia, including over 25 cities and 1500 shows.

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Check out these fascinating interviews with Michelle Matlock as she breaks down the origin of the character Ladybug and how her solo show (The Mammy Project) and her previous circus work, launched her into the creation of Cirque Du Soleil's OVO:


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Michelle Matlock is at the heart of the show as the exuberant Ladybug whose antics bring on the laughter.
— Alaina L. Lewis,

Additional rave reviews of Michelle Matlock's groundbreaking OVO character, Ladybug:

First and foremost I think she’s a romantic,” Matlock says of her pink-winged, black-corseted alter-ego. “She wants to spread love. She’s the most optimistic character in the show. She’s full of joy. Even though she hasn’t found love yet, I still think she’s content with herself, but still looking for that perfect one.
— Lee Bailey's

The Ladybug with the original founders of Cirque Du Soleil, Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste-Croix, and the Cirque Du Soleil president and CEO, Daniel Lamarre.

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