“Michelle is a go-getter.  She takes action, and doesn't sleep on things.  She is very motivating, and helps me to motivate myself.  Michelle leads by example, and has the right approach to make me a self-starter too"

"She made me feel like my dreams are possible, and attainable.  She directed my ideas into an action plan, which makes sense, is clear, and not overwhelming. She is serious about what she does, and that inspired me to be serious too.”

“Michelle has a gift for simplifying complex schemes into attainable action plans. She gets to the heart of what is most important in business planning.

“She is an outstanding motivator.”

“Michelle delivers”. 

“She always does what she says she will, and doesn't leave the door open for slacking.”

“I will definitely recommend this service to anyone who is serious about starting a business. Michelle will whip them into shape, and she definitely cuts through the fluff to get to the most important points.  Michelle is a motivator, and has a huge amount of dedication to her clients.  If working with Michelle doesn't motivate you to get on track, then you're not serious about your business.”

Robyn Houpt

Business: Mz. Ness Performance and Fitness

Services: Activator Help Line and Activator Coach