Photo by Jeff Cate

Photo by Jeff Cate

Hi I’m Michelle Nicole Matlock. I help Creatives  kickstart their adventures in creating solo performances, becoming Independent Performing Artists (IPAs) and thinking like Creative Entrepreneurs. It’s not only about creating and performing good work, but it’s also about getting paid to present that work once it’s ready for an audience!. Creating good work and generating income from that work are equally important. Creation plus income equals career!  Thats right it’s possible to take control of your talent as a creative and build your own career! I’m passionate about helping performers find that balance between their art and their business. 

 I’m an actor who spent many years in New York mailing out head shots, waiting on agents, standing in audition lines, and acting in plays for free. This is what I call the “rat race” for actors. One day I decided not to wait anymore. I created a solo piece that showcased my talent better than any show that an agent could submit me for. Eventually, I began to book that show across the country and internationally in Canada and South America. I got paid to travel the world and perform my own material! I did all of this with NO AGENT. Not only did I create steady work for myself, but my show was also a platform that showcased my talent and allowed me to be seen by directors, producers and casting departments who could approach me directly about auditioning for and/or being in their projects. A perfect example of this is my 10 year gig creating and performing for Cirque du Soleil. If I can do this, so can you!!! 

The Question you have to ask yourself is “Do you want to do it YOUR way or THEIR way?"

Is THEIR way working for you right now?

When you step outside of that competitive actor’s "rat race” for a moment and you start working creatively, it will allow you to stand out and discover your true unique potential. Working for yourself and owning your own shows also gives you amazing control and freedom. There is nothing more rewarding than freedom! 

I want to share what I know with you and share my process of how to: build a show, build an audience, find your niche market, and the world of possibilities that are out there for you to thrive as an Independept Performing Artist (IPA). There is a whole community of artists already living their dreams as IPAs. Why not you? 

Why am I putting my energy into this kind of work? Because I’m in love with the performing arts and performers. I want to see more of us taking control of our careers. I want more of us to become Creative Entrepreneurs, which means we have to become better at the business side of things. When we become better at our business we stop just surviving and we begin thriving and that gets me excited!

Now, Let’s get to work